5 Best Budget Router Under 100 For Long Range 2023

Best Budget Router Under 100 For Long Range you can get .

The days when you needed to drop several hundred dollars on a good Wi-Fi router are over.

In fact, some of the best Wi-Fi routers are under $100 are those are the ones you should be buying, period. Based on customer reviews, ratings, and feedback, the TP-LINK Archer C7 is easily our choice for the best router under $100.

With a price tag that won’t break your budget and offering everything you’d want from a router, it’s no surprise that the C7 boasts one of the highest star ratings on Amazon.

It is also a best-seller thanks to its affordable price, incredible range, and cutting-edge speed.

If you want a good, cheap Wi-Fi router that can stand toe to toe with a $200 router, look no further.

And if you’re looking to add additional range to your router, then check out our list of the best Wi-Fi extenders you should own.

Best Wireless Routers Under 100 Dollars List

ModelWeightEthernet PortsWireless CommPrice
[easyazon_link identifier="B00PDLRHFW" locale="US" tag="router007-20"][/easyazon_link] (Editor’s Choice)1.9 poundsGigabit802.11 A/CUnder $100
[easyazon_link identifier="B01CS73ELY" locale="US" tag="router007-20"]TP-LINK TL-WR841N N300 Wireless Router[/easyazon_link]1.3 poundsEthernet802.11bgnUnder $30
[easyazon_link identifier="B008HO9DK4" locale="US" tag="router007-20"]NETGEAR N750 Dual Band 4 Port Wi-Fi Gigabit Router (WNDR4300)[/easyazon_link]2.1 poundsGigabit802.11 a/b/g/nUnder $100
[easyazon_link identifier="B00JZFG6QS" locale="US" tag="router007-20"]TP-LINK Archer C5 AC1200 Gigabit Router[/easyazon_link]1.9 poundsGigabit802.11 A/C,
802.11 a/b/g/n
Under $80
[easyazon_link identifier="B0041LYY6K" locale="US" tag="router007-20"]NETGEAR N600 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router (WNDR3400)[/easyazon_link]1.4 poundsEthernet802.11 a/b/g/nUnder $80

Why we chose these particular Wi-Fi Routers

One of the main reasons we chose the TP-LINK Archer C7 is for its total available bandwidth of 1.75Gps and six powerful antennas.

This allows your devices to run at amazing speeds while on a smooth and stable connection.

Other great features on the C7 that you’ll only see on the best Wi-Fi routers include Dual USB ports for sharing files and media, secure Wi-Fi access via Guest Network Access, IP-based bandwidth control, and more.

And while it is missing a few things you’ll find on expensive Wi-Fi routers, most people would never even notice.

We’re talking about advanced features like an iTunes server, VPN server, and Quality of Service (QoS) technology.

The user interface could also be more user-friendly but it isn’t a problem since the average user will only need to use it during the fast, painless setup process.

If you’re not interested in the C7 but still want a good Wi-Fi router under $100, we recommend our first runner-up choice: the TP-LINK N300.

It’s our second pick because it can handle all the basic online tasks you’d expect a router to perform and the price is very inexpensive.

Wireless N speed up of up to 300Mbps will let you browse the net, stream video, play online games, and more without a problem.

If you’re not convinced, consider that the TP-LINK N300 is one of the best selling routers on Amazon and boasts more high rated customer reviews than any other. Satisfied buyers regard it as one of the best Wi-Fi routers under $100 for its greats speeds, easy setup, IP-based bandwidth control, and other neat features you wouldn’t expect from such an affordable device.

Keep reading to see why the TP-LINK Archer C7 is one of the top Wi-Fi routers on the market that won’t leave a huge dent in your wallet.

You’ll also see all there is to know about our runner-ups as well as a few other cheap Wi-Fi routers that people all over the world are ordering for their homes, office, and more.

Top Pick for Wi-Fi Routers under $100

TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750 Router

Top Pick for Wi-Fi Routers under $100

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TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750 is the best budget wifi router out there (Under $100).

The router is perfect for people who want to enjoy internet gaming as well as streaming, thanks to the fact that this router has a combined speed of 1.75 Gbps.

With that said, the router is both stylish and incredible at every task thrown at it, and for those who are looking for the perfect price and performance ratio, the router is an amazing choice.

Considering how it is an entry level router, the build quality isn’t all that good and the router seems flimsy, with that said, make sure that you don’t end up dropping the router because it can, and will probably get damaged. And even though the build quality seems to be average at best, the router has a large footprint, so make sure that where you place the router, it has enough space for itself.

Moving on to the thing that matter, keep in mind that it happens to be a dual-band router; the router has a total of 6 antennas, 3 of them are external while the remaining 3 are internal.

The increased number of antennas are really good for giving you a respectable amount of Wi-Fi range and the speed also happens to be respectable enough.

The router also comes with NAS capability, but don’t get too excited as it is only average.

What’s lacking is that despite the price you are going to pay for the router, you won’t be getting an awful lot of features.
But then again, TP-Link aimed this router towards the entry level and budget oriented consumers who just want to have a good wireless router with decent enough performance when it comes to streaming and online gaming with great ease.
Pros Cons
  • Excellent price to performance ratio
  • Respectable performance on both the bands
  • Good performance with streaming and online gaming
  • NAS capability is a good addition
  • Average build quality (All Plastic)



Runner-up for Wi-Fi Routers under $100

TP-LINK TL-WR841N N300 Wireless Router

TP-LINK TL-WR841N N300 Wireless Router



If the C7 isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps the TP-LINK N300 Wireless Router is what you’re looking for.

Not only does this great device  boast an incredible number of customer reviews on Amazon but it is also listed as #1 Best Seller in Computer Routers.

Thousands of people browsing for high-quality yet cheap Wi-Fi routers made the decision to pick up an N300 and here’s why.

For less than $20 you’re getting a router that’s perfect for a home office networking or family space.

Speeds of 300Mbps allow you to do Skype video chats, stream audio and video, upload large files, and more without a problem.

The N300 doesn’t match the speeds and range of the C7 but you have to take into account that it’s also nearly four times cheaper.

What QoS does is allow you to set how much bandwidth each application can use.

The benefit comes from being able to make sure Netflix or your online game session goes uninterrupted if someone on another device tries doing some that requires a lot of bandwidth.

Unexpected network performance issues are a thing of the past with the N300.

This router is also very easy to get running within minutes of unboxing.

A utility CD is included that helps you setup the router, modify your wireless network settings, and configure any security options you wish to have.

The addition of backwards compatibility with 802.11b/g devices and two powerful 5dBi antennas help make the N300 one of the best routers under $50, let alone $100.

However, it is a cheap router and thus you can count out a few features that are normally available on devices between $100-200.

So if you have your heart set on Gigabit ports, guest networking, or USb ports, you’re out of luck with this particular router.

It also may not offer as good an online gaming experience as routers with more Mbps and comes with an older Internet Protocol version (the most recent is IPv6).


  • Up to 300Mbps of Wireless N speed
  • Dual 5dBi antennas for superior wireless range and stability
  • Utility CD for easy setup + settings and security configuration
  • Parental control support + IP-based bandwidth control
  • WPS button for quick WPA/WPA2 encrypted secure connection setup
  • Also supports older 802.11b/g devices
  • Live 24/7 Technical Support from TP-LINK
  • 1 Year warranty

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Pros Cons
  • Super affordable
  • Has good Wi-Fi performance.
  •  Short range and its
  • Web interface makes it difficult to distinguish connected computers.


Considering its insanely cheap price, the TP-Link TL-WR841N is a great buy for a small home with modest Wi-Fi needs.



Our 3rd recommendation for a cheap Wi-Fi Router

NETGEAR N750 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router

NETGEAR N750 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router Review

For almost 20 years NETGEAR has provided some of the best computer products on the planet, and their routers are no exception.

The NETGEAR N750 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router shows their ability to deliver advanced Wi-Fi technology and plenty of awesome features into a product that costs half of what competing routers do.

If you plan on having a lot of devices on your network, speeds of 300 and 450  Mbps will more than do the trick.

Simultaneous dual band technology allows for a max of 750 Mbps while virtually eliminating the chance of interference.

This means that your Wi-Fi speeds and connections will remain fast and stable even with several devices doing bandwidth-heavy tasks at the same time.

The N750 is also perfect for homes that require a good size Wi-Fi range so no one  has to sit in the corner of their room to connect to your network.

Gigabit technology also ensures that your online HD gaming on PlayStation 4, Wii U, and Xbox One goes smoothly no matter where you spend your gaming sessions.

The N750 includes Quality of Service so your favorite devices always get the necessary bandwidth to run at optimum performance.

Sharing features include DLNA support, Readyshare USB access via two USB 2.0 ports, Readyshare Printer support, and Time Machine.

You also get great security features like parental controls, guest networking, WPA/WPA2 security, and VPN support.

Last but not least, this excellent router comes with NETGEAR’s genie App.

Genie helps make installation pretty much effortless while also allowing you to keep an eye on things.

Simply download the app on your iOS, Android, Mac, or PC device to connect, monitor, and control your home network.


  • Impressive 750 Mbps of total available bandwidth
  • Longer Wi-Fi range for larger homes
  • Simultaneous dual band for less interference
  • Two fast USB 2.0 ports
  • ReadySHARE USB and printer access
  • Apple Time Machine compatible
  • NETGEAR genie App support
  • Gigabit wired for online HD gaming and video
  • Advanced QoS support
  • Guest Network, VPN, and WPA/WPA2
  • IPv6 compatible

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Pros   Cons
  •  supports the new 450Mbps standard on the 5GHz band,
  •  offers true dual-band,
  • decent wireless performance, and other advanced networking features, such as guest networking, network storage, and Live Parental Controls, for a comparatively
  • affordable price.
  • throughput degrades a great deal as range increases.
  • The performance of the network storage feature could also use some improvement.

You can’t go wrong with NETGEAR’s N750 if you’ve got $100 to spend on a shiny new router but don’t feel the C7 is the choice for you.

For under $100 you’re getting incredible Wi-Fi speeds and stability as well as a host of advanced features most other routers lack together.

And like the rest on this list, the N750 has one of the best customer review ratings on Amazon.

In other words, hundreds (if not thousands) of people were left satisfied with their purchase.

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Honorable mentions for inexpensive Wi-Fi Routers

TP-LINK Archer C5 AC1200 Gigabit Router

TP-LINK Archer C5 AC1200 Gigabit Router

TP-LINK’s C5 router offers a fast and stable 802.11 ac network capable of reaching 1.2Gbps of total available bandwidth.

The separate 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands work together to make sure HD stream video streaming and online gaming sessions go on interrupted.

While one handles bandwidth-heavy tasks, the other takes care of simpler functions like smartphones, web browsing, etc.

Two USB 2.0 ports allow you to share files, printers, and media with different devices while the four Gigabit ethernet ports offer speeds ten times faster than the standard.

Other features worth mentioning are IPv6 and guest network support along with a handy Tether app for managing Android and iOS devices.

So what is the best Wi-Fi router between the C7 and C5 and why, you ask?

The main reason the C7 is higher on our list for its higher available bandwidth (1.75Gbps vs 1.2Gbps) and superior range via three external 5dBi antenna and three internal antenna.

The C5 only has 2 external detachable antennas..


  • 300 Mbps/2.4GHz + 867Mbps/5GHz = 1.2Gbps total available bandwidth
  • Supports the latest 802.11ac technology
  • Two USB 2.0 ports for sharing media, printers, and files
  • Guest Network Access for more privacy
  • IP-based bandwidth control
  • WPS button for instant wireless security encryption
  • Multi-language setup assistant for easy installation
  • 2-Year warranty + unlimited technical support

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Reasons to buy

We obviously recommend the C7 over the C5, especially since it’s usually only $10-15 more.

Of course, the C5 is still a good Wi-Fi router that delivers amazing speeds and range as well as a good number of advanced features.

You honestly can’t go wrong with either if you want a powerful router that can handle plenty of devices.

NETGEAR N600 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router (WNDR3400)


NETGEAR N600 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router (WNDR3400)

Another NETGEAR router worthy of this list is the NETGEAR N600 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router.

Since releasing in September of 2010 it has consistently remained bestseller on Amazon and a wise purchase for people looking for an affordable yet worthwhile router upgrade.

It also has one of the more impressive review ratings as well, which means almost every customer was left satisfied.

For the low price, the N600 offers fast speeds of 600Mbps– 300 + 300 Mbps between its 2.4 and 5GHz bands.

The dual bands also work simultaneously to make sure your connection remains stable no matter jumps on with their smartphone or computer.

Other notable features includes Advanced Quality of Service, ReadySHARE USB, genie App support, and two buttons for easy connections and on/off scheduling.

Security is also covered via live parental controls, guest network access, and WPA/WPA2 wireless security.


  • 600 Mbps of total available bandwidth
  • Great Wi-Fi range for medium and large homes
  • Simultaneous dual band for reliable connections
  • Dual USB 2.0 ports
  • ReadySHARE USB support
  • NETGEAR genie App support
  • Advanced QoS support
  • Guest Network and WPA/WPA2
  • Live Parental Control

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Reasons to buy

Although it is cheaper, there’s a reason why the N600 can’t stand toe to toe with the N750 listed higher on this list.

Simply put, the N750 has newer technology which means more features, faster speeds, and better range.

That being said, the N600 is still one of the best routers under $100 and well worth your hard-earned cash.

Cheap Wi-Fi Routers still provide great performance

Not everyone needs speeds of 2000 Mbps, several USB 3.0 ports, Beamforming, and other technology you’ll usually only find on routers around $200 and above.

Fortunately the leading router companies know this thus have put out plenty of good Wi-Fi routers that have enough to satisfy our smartphone, video streaming, and online gaming needs.

Of course,one of the best Wi-Fi router under $100 you can buy is TP-LINK’s Archer C7.

For around $90 you’re getting 1.7g Gpbs of total available bandwidth as well as the latest in 802.11ac technology.

Two USB 2.0 ports, several security and sharing features, and the many other additions we’ve already mentioned are icing on the cake.

You also won’t find many other routers less than $100 that also boast six total antennas: three inside and three outside.

But if the C7 isn’t for you, perhaps one of our runner-ups or other recommendations were what you were looking for.

We made sure to base our selections not on price, features, and performance but customer review ratings as well.

That way this is more than just our list of top Wi-fi routers under $100– it’s also a list of the bestselling routers that met the needs almost every purchaser.

Whether you just need something able to perform basic online tasks or prefer a device with great features and performance, we hope our list of top Wi-Fi routers under $100 helped

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