10 Best Indoor TV Antennas in 2023

You will need to review a number of criteria in order to find the best indoor television antennas.

The Best Indoor TV Antennas should have a minimum range of 25 miles and preferably a range of 35+ miles in rural areas.

This is important for local channels that are often further away from broadcast towers.

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Don’t forget easy installation with adhesives/mounting tabs, 10 FT+ coaxial cables, and omnidirectional/multi-directional capabilities to pull signals from all directions for the best reception.

Top 10 Best Indoor TV Antennas

#1 Antop HD Indoor TV Antenna

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WHY WE LIKE It: This indoor TV antenna has a fantastic 80-mile range.

There is also an adjustment dial that allows for finer control.


  • Two televisions can be used
  • To minimize interference, filter 4G LTE
  • Includes built-in adjustment dial (Power Booster)


  • Could be too large for narrow spaces

This indoor TV antenna is a great choice because it focuses on reception amplification and connects to multiple devices.

The Power Booster dial can calibrate a reception range of 0 to 80 miles.

Toggling gain, you simply turn the dial clockwise to increase or decrease it.

Interference killers are one of the greatest strengths of this indoor antenna.

The antenna’s interference killers include an integrated FM antenna and a 4G LTE filter.

These help to reduce interference from cellular waves.

It is very versatile in design, featuring a half-moon-shaped, long antenna that can be mounted horizontally or vertically to a mounting stand.

It can be compared to a mini soundbar and should fit well in your entertainment center.

#2 FLATenna 35 Indoor TV Antenna

The FLATenna 35 Indoor Television Antenna is our #2 Choice

Award Honorable Mention

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WHY DO WE LIKE IT? This indoor TV antenna has a slim profile and a reversible white and black surface.

It is great for mounting in tight spaces.


  • Reversible design in black or white
  • Sticky adhesive strips for easy mounting
  • Includes built-in adjustment dial (Power Booster)


  • It does not have a built-in amplifier that can boost the signal.
  • No coaxial cable

This indoor antenna, although small, is quite powerful. It can boost a 35-mile range to provide excellent over-the air (OTA) coverage, pulling in broadcast stations like FOX, NBA, and CW.

The antenna’s small profile makes it easy to move from one room to the next.

This unit is a basic unit that can be moved from one room to the next.

It does not have any extendable dipoles to toggle signals or an amplifier to boost them.

This indoor TV antenna is an award-winning design.

It can be mounted on windows and walls with a reversible white or black finish.

Double-sided adhesive tabs stick to flat surfaces very well and make it easy to install an indoor TV antenna.

You’ll need the best TV antena amplifier to match it.

#3 You Must Have an Amplified Indoor TV Antenna

The U Must Have Amplified HD Indoor Television Antenna is our #3 Pick

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WHY IT IS DESIRED: This indoor antenna has a remarkable 180-mile range, CleanPeak Filter technology for minimal cellular network interference and is a great option as an all-around antenna.


  • CleanPeak Filter technology reduces interference
  • Huge 180-mile range
  • Includes an 18-inch coaxial Cable


  • High obstruction areas: Intermittent signal loss

This indoor TV antenna is a favorite because of its powerful combination of range (180 miles), and CleanPeak Filter technology.

This filter reduces interference from FM and cell phones for a more distorted signal.

An additional intelligent Integrated Circuit chip (IC) can also boost the signal.

Depending on the distance to broadcast towers, a combination or all of the most popular broadcast channels can be received.

This includes CW, PBS and FOX as well as NBC and CBS.

This indoor TV antenna can be installed in minutes.

Simply plug it into the coaxial cable port on your TV and then scan for available channels.


#4 Master Smartenna + Indoor TV Antena

Our fourth choice is the Channel Master Smartenna Plus Indoor TV antenna


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WHY IT IS DESIRABLE: This indoor TV antenna has a range of 60 miles and uses push-on coax connectors.

It is a great option for those who don’t want to have to twist thick, unruly coaxial cables.


  • For fine-tuning, press the button
  • LTE filtering built-in to prevent interference
  • For easy installation, push-on coax connectors are available


  • Plastic constructions made of weak materials

This indoor TV antenna is a great combination of features that focuses on range and simplicity.

The built-in amplifier and seven different antenna configurations work together to find UHF VHF channels.

There is also a push button that allows for fine-tuning.

A built-in LTE filtering prevents interference from cellular antennas and AFM.

This indoor TV antenna is a great design.

The antenna uses four push pins, four adhesive tabs, and is easy to mount on flat surfaces.

The design isn’t bad, but it does look minimalist.

There is no bottom back panel to connect a coaxial cable.

This is a great option for those looking for the best RV antenna.

We have a Channel Master outdoor TV antenna review that you can also check out if you are considering outdoor antennas instead of indoor ones.

#5 1byone Indoor TV Antenna

Our #5 Pick: The 1byone Indoor TV Antenna

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WHY IT IS IMPORTANT: This indoor TV antenna has a 50-mile range and a 20-foot coaxial cable.

It is great for large living rooms that have televisions far from windows.


  • Mounting is easy with adhesive pads
  • Included is a 20-foot coaxial Cable
  • Compact profile (13.5 x 9.5 x 2 inches)


  • Poor build quality (cheaper plastic).

This indoor TV antenna is a rectangular flat design that has a built-in amplifier.

It can boost signal up to 60 miles. Channels are closer to broadcast towers without obstructions.

They come in hot and diverse, with major broadcast channels like CBS and PBS displayed at 1080i resolution for crisp, clean pictures.

Two back-mount adhesive pads allow for easy mounting on flat surfaces.

It is also easier to locate spots with a 10-foot coaxial cable.

The only problem with the unit is its limited range (up to 60 mi), with poor reception in densely populated areas.

This is where 20 channels are not uncommon.

#6 Mohu Leaf Indoor TV Antenna

The Mohu Leaf Indoor TV Antenna is our #6 Pick

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WHY DO WE LIKE IT? This indoor TV antenna has a solid 40-mile range. It also features a thin design with adhesive tabs.

This makes it an ideal choice for mounting on windows to get a little closer to broadcast stations.


  • Slim, low-profile design
  • Compact (1.75×12.5×11.5 inches)
  • Includes detachable 10-foot coaxial cable


  • High obstruction areas: Signal reception can be difficult to receive
  • There is no dedicated app for smartphones that can be used to discover broadcast channels
  • The plastic feels thin and fragile.

This Mohu Releaf HDTV Antenna is a favorite because of its combination of range (40miles) and multi-directional capabilities.

It doesn’t require any pointing to get the best signal.

You can pull all the major live TV broadcast networks as well as local channels, including ABC, CBS and NBC.

The indoor TV antenna measures 1.75×12.5×11.5 inches and is reversible (white side and black side).

It can also be painted to match your decor. This antenna works equally well on windows and walls.

This indoor TV antenna is a great combination of price, range, size and customization.

You might consider the best outside TV antenna.

#7 Winegard FlatWave AMP FL5500A Indoor TV Antenna

Our #7 Pick: The Winegard FlatWave Amped Fl5500A Indoor TV Antenna

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WHY IT IS DESIRABLE: This indoor amplified TV antenna has a 50-mile range and a built-in USB socket.

It is a great choice for those who don’t want to use AC adapters for better connectivity.


  • Convenient USB-based power adapter
  • An antenna that is very thin and flexible
  • Included LED power indicator for easy reference


  • It is larger than the average surface (12 x 13 inches).
  • It picks up fewer channels than other units of comparable price

The Winegard indoor TV antenna works well in all areas.

Clear Circuit Technology is used in this antenna, as well as a low-noise amplifier, to produce a noise level of 1.0 dB.

This makes it ideal for strong signals in areas near broadcast towers.

An 18-foot coaxial cable with extra length is a great addition, which makes it easy to mount in apartments that have windows further from the TV.

This indoor antenna is easy to install in rural areas.

You only need to connect the coaxial cable and USB cables before you can scan all available channels with your TV’s Scan mode.

The main draw of this adapter is its USB-based power adapter.

This connects to the TV to eliminate bulkier AC adapters.

It has many of the best omnidirectional television antenna features.

#8 Antennas Clearstream Eclipse Indoor TV Antenna

Antennas Direct Clearstream Eclipse Indoor TV Antenna is our #8 Pick

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WHY IT IS DESIRABLE: This indoor TV antenna features a sleek, 60-mile-range antenna with an ear-shaped design.

It also has a paintable surface that uses Sure Grip technology.

This is a great choice for those who have customized colored walls or windows.


  • Compact profile (12 x 2.8x 9.8 inches)
  • Sure-Grip technology provides you with a variety of options
  • Included 12 feet of coaxial cable


  • Intermittent signal reception may be possible from time to time
  • Rural areas away from broadcast towers are not recommended

Clearstream’s indoor TV antenna has a 20db amplifier in-line for a respectable range of 60 miles and Sure-Grip technology which emphasizes mounting options without the use of adhesive or screws.

However, one criticism is that it only supports UHF reception and doesn’t capture VHF which is popular among broadcast networks.

It is easy to install this indoor TV antenna in Los Angeles.

Two methods are used to connect the antenna: a power adapter, and a USB cable for TV or wall connection.

There are plenty of mounting options, as well as window clearance, thanks to a separate sticky strip and 12 feet coaxial cable.

This indoor TV antenna has one problem. It is not compatible with VHF reception.

#9 AmazonBasics Ultra Thin Indoor Television Antenna



WHY DO WE LIKE IT? This indoor TV antenna has a range of 35 miles and is available in a basic black design. It’s a great choice for modern homes.


  • Features 1080p Full HD Quality Picture
  • Simple plug-in style installation
  • Includes 15-foot coaxial cable


  • Very sensitive; steep learning curve to find the ideal placement
  • Coaxial cables are shorter than the average (10 feet)

The best TV antenna for rural areas is a good choice.

The antenna has a range of 35 miles, which is close to the maximum indoor TV antennas that are closer to broadcast towers.

For better signal strength, supported formats include full 1080p as well as HD, multi-directional. An included 15-foot coaxial cable makes it easy for you to mount on TVs further away from your windows.

Its design is the best indoor TV antenna in San Francisco.

You can flip it over, with one side being black and the other white to suit the modern decor.

It is also one of the easiest antennas to set up, requiring only a direct connection to the wall.

You might also want to read our best long-range TV antenna guide if you are looking to improve your indoor TV signal.

#10 Mohu Leaf Metro Indoor TV Antenna



WHY IT IS COMFORTING: This indoor TV antenna measures 11.7x5x1.5 inches and has a respectable 35-mile range. It is a good choice for small spaces, such as dorms, kitchens, or smaller rooms.


  • Ultra-small (11.7 x 5.x 1.5 inches)
  • Discrete profile; reversible, and paintable
  • Includes 10-foot coaxial cable


  • The average range of 25 miles is shorter than this.
  • Velcro-style pins don’t provide much stickiness

This indoor multidirectional HDTV antenna pulls signals from all major broadcast networks including ABC, FOX, CBS, and FOX. The small, discreet, rectangular design of this coaxial cable is attached to kitchen countertops and tight dorm rooms.

This indoor TV antenna, like many others on our list, is reversible.

It can also be painted to match your space’s decor.

It’s as simple as installing the hook and loop tabs and then connecting the coaxial cable.

Once connected, scan your TV for available channels with the Scan feature.

This indoor TV antenna is a great choice due to its small size and 25-mile serviceable range.

How we decided

We considered performance, ease of use, and durability when deciding on the best indoor TV antenna.

Indoor TV antennas should have a minimum 25-mile range.

This will ensure that they perform well in dense urban areas near broadcast towers.

For more variety in air programming, aim for 35 miles for rural and suburban areas.

They should have omnidirectional antennas or multi-directional antennas that can receive signals from multiple directions.

It is important to consider ease of installation.

There are two types of indoor TV antennas: adhesive-tab-based or mounted. Indoor TV antennas can be mounted easily and integrated with your entertainment system.

For the best placement on windows or walls, paper-thin antennas can be mounted with pins or sticky adhesive tabs.

The best indoor TV antennas can be powered by a USB power adapter or USB.

The main benefit of USB cables is their aesthetic appearance. They are thinner and more discreet.

Finally, you should look for indoor TV antennas made of stronger plastic that is less susceptible to chipping.

Copper-ended coaxial cables are ideal for better conductivity. Protection against surges

Best Indoor TV Antennas Buyer’s Guide

These are the Most Important Features To Consider

  1. PerformanceThe best indoor HDTV antennas have a minimum range of 25 miles for urban areas, and a maximum range of 35 miles for rural areas.
    Antennas must be compatible with 4K, Full HD, and 1080i for clear audio and video.
    Antennas that have an integrated amplifier feature or LTE are awarded big bonus points.
    These features reverse the effects of splitters, and interference from cellular networks and help to strengthen weaker signals. Amplified antennas can reduce weak signals and improve antenna performance so you can enjoy streaming services and watchable channels in peace, with great picture quality and no interruptions.
  2. Easy installation best indoor HDTV antenna models are much easier to use than outdoor antennas.
    Outdoor antennas are usually larger and bulkier than indoor models. They attach to masts at higher elevations. Many of these paper designs can be attached to windows or walls with double-sided adhesive tabs.
    This is where the majority of the work is focused on finding the optimal location for the highest signal.
    It’s not necessary to install a larger antenna or all of the associated baggage.
    Your powerful antenna will work best once you have found the perfect spot from all possible placements.
  3. DurabilityIndoor HDTV antennas that are best for indoor viewing have weatherproofing, which includes UV-resistant coatings and wind resistance ratings.
    These should be considered in extreme weather conditions.

Indoor TV Antennas FAQs

How can I tell if my antenna will work at home?

Many online apps allow users to enter their zip code and get a list of all available channels.

Many of these applications can also provide information about the location of the nearest broadcast tower and the best ways to point the antenna for the best signal.

In which direction should my TV antenna be pointed?

Your TV antenna’s front should point directly at the broadcast towers.

Indoor TV antennas can be pointing in any direction, but most are multi-directional.

They accept signals from many directions so they don’t need to be pointed.

How can I increase my TV signal?

An amplifier is not the same as an outdoor antenna. It works by correcting weak signals due to a splitter or cable connections.

This can lead to poor signal quality when multiple televisions are being fed signals.

What is the best way to get basic cable free of charge?

An antenna can be used to get basic cable free of charge.

It can pull signals from all major broadcast networks, including ABC, PBS, and NBC. Indoor TV antennas can help users save hundreds of dollars per year on cable costs.

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