9 Best TV Antenna Amplifiers in 2023

You will need to review a number of criteria in order to find the Best TV Antenna Amplifiers.

The Best TV Antenna Amplifiers should have a minimum gain per port of 7.5, and a maximum gain of +15 dB for the entire amplifier.

This will make a significant difference in the reception of UHF and VHF band signals.

For the best coverage, it should have a minimum gain of 10 dB. It should also work with 360deg Omnidirectional signals.

We’ve analyzed hundreds of reviews and determined that the Channel Master Ultra Mini 2 TV Antenna Amplifier has the best TV amplifier.

Top 10 Best TV Antenna Amplifiers

#1 Channel Master Ultra Mini 2 TV Antenna Amplifier

Our top pick is the Channel Master Ultra Mini 2 TV Antenna amplifier

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Award Honorable Mention

WHY IT IS IMPORTANT: This TV antenna amplifier is compact and lightweight. It uses a 2-way digital amplifier.


  • Cast aluminum housing for strength
  • Two televisions can be supported without loss of signal
  • Excellent support for streaming devices (e.g. Amazon Firestick


  • Signal quality has not improved in areas with high obstructions.
  • It is difficult to read connection labels

This 2-port HDTV signal amplifier can improve both analog and digital broadcast signals. It can also be used with up to 2 televisions. It can also support up to 2 televisions, without the need of a splitter. Splitters are known to degrade signals.

The installation of this TV antenna amplifier is very simple. It can be mounted on either a horizontal or vertical surface using two mounting holes. This makes it ideal for tight spaces with limited wall space.

The powder-coated finish and cast aluminum housing offer rust and abrasion resistance.

You’ll enjoy a powerful viewing experience when you pair it with the best Omnidirectional TV Antennas.

#2 Antronix Four Output TV Antenna Amplifier

Our #2 pick is the Antronix Four Output TV Antenna amplifier

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WHY WE LIKE It:This TV Antenna Amplifier optimizes signal strength with nickel-plated housing. The gain is +7.5 DB per Port, making it a versatile amplifier that provides exceptional value and features.


  • Operating range: -40°F to +140°F
  • Protection against outages with surge protection of 6 kV
  • Housings made of nickel-plated steel for long life


  • Units that are pre-amplifier compatible
  • Wi-Fi signal strength limited boost

The TV antenna amplifier increases the signal by adding 3dB noise to it, which can really help strengthen weaker signals.

The units come with an F-port that auto-seizes, which provides a better center conductor and cam contact.

This makes a significant improvement in signal quality.

The unit also has a respectable 8dB forwarding gain level, but not enough to overload your TV and cause distorted pictures.

It is a very durable design, with a powder-coated aluminum alloy body and a short-circuit-protected power adaptor to protect from surges. Kudos!

It would be great to use indoors and outdoors. For maximum functionality, combine it with the best outside TV antenna.

#3 Antennas Direct TV Antenna Amplifier

Antennas DirectTV Antenna Amplifier is our #3 pick

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WHY IT IS IMPORTANT: This long-range TV antenna booster is a great option for homes and businesses with four or more TV sets. It features 7.5dB amplification per channel and a tough casing.


  • Use inside or outside
  • Excellent frequency ranges (54-1000 MHz)
  • Protection with strong weatherproofing


  • This does not include F-termination caps 75 Ohm
  • The cable included in coax (3 feet) may be longer

This digital TV antenna amplifier improves reception for every TV it pairs with.

It features 7.5dB amplification per channel. The 7.5dB amplifying power makes a significant improvement in TV signal quality.

It can also intercept wireless and cellular transmissions to limit interference.

This indoor antenna booster’s 4-way distribution amplifier’s weatherproofing is an award winner.

It can be used indoors and outdoors as long as it’s paired with a weather boot and a waterproof F-connector.

This is a great choice for large households that want to amplify the best indoor TV Antenna.

#4 Reliable Cable Product TV Antenna Amplifier

Our #4 pick is the Reliable Cable Product Television Antenna Amplifier

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WHY WE LIKE It: This TV signal amplifier has one input and four outputs. There is a limit of +7.5dB gain at 1000MHz. It is a popular choice for large households with four or more televisions.


  • Excellent operating temperature (-40oF – +140oF).
  • UL Listed to provide surge protection
  • To tell you if the LED power indicator is on or off, use it as an LED indicator


  • Pre-amplifiers cannot be combined
  • In high obstruction areas, it doesn’t make much difference.

The best indoor TV antenna amplifier is able to improve reception.

It has an integrated equalizer that produces variable amplifier gain depending on signal strength.

This amplifier starts with a minimum +0dB @54MHz gain.

This unit is also very durable and UL-listed for protection against short circuits. It can be sealed in weathertight to withstand extreme temperatures.

This indoor TV antenna amplifier can also boost internet speeds slightly as an added benefit.

This TV signal amplifier is a great choice for those who live in areas that are not directly facing broadcast towers.

For even better reception, you might consider the best long-range TV antenna.

#5 PBD HDTV TV Antenna Amplifier

Our #5 Pick: The PBD HDTV TV Antenna amplifier

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WHY DO WE LIKE IT? This TV antenna amplifier provides a clear signal with a 4G-LTE filter and a 2-port system.

It is an excellent choice for those who live in dense urban areas.


  • Excellent gain ratings (VHF 16 dB;UHF:25dB)
  • LTE filter blocks cell interference
  • Included is a 5-foot RG6 coax Cable


  • Active antennas are not compatible

The TV antenna amplifier provides a stronger signal and increases the number of channels.

It also features a signal booster and PureAMp technology to reduce noise.

The gain numbers are strong, at 16dB on VHF frequencies and 25dB on UHF frequencies.

The LTE filter is the strongest feature of this TV amplifier antenna.

This can cause unwanted interference in dense urban areas that have a lot of cell phone use.

The coaxial cable is 17 feet long, making it ideal for viewing televisions from windows close to buildings.

#6 Winegard TV Antenna Amplifier

Winegard TV Antenna Amplifier is our #6 Pick

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WHY IT IS COMFORTING: This TV antenna amplifier comes with TwinAmp Technology to optimize VHF/UHF signals and an app that locates nearby HDTV towers.

It is a great option for those who need extra assistance positioning their antenna.


  • Modern and sleek black casing
  • For optimal coverage, separate UHF and VHF signals are used
  • A dedicated smartphone app that is intuitive and can locate nearby towers


  • You can experience fluctuations in signal strength

This TV antenna amplifier gives a significant boost for non-amplified HDTV antennas that use TwinAmp Technology.

TwinAmp Technology uses separate processes to optimize UHF and VHF frequencies to provide a clearer picture with minimal distortion. Maximum gain is solid (18dB).

The TV antenna amplifier’s closest feature is its Winegard smartphone app.

This allows users to locate available HDTV towers via augmented reality.

It’s very easy to use, requiring only that users point their phones toward the horizon in order to find the optimal angles based on the tower location.

It works on both iOS as well as Android.

#7 Channel Master CM-7778HD TV Antenna Amplifier

Our #7 Pick is Channel Master CM7778HD TV antenna amplifier

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WHY DO WE LIKE IT? This TV antenna amplifier has dual antenna inputs for UHF and VHF. It also features an LTE filter to reduce interference.


  • Durable die-cast metal construction
  • Amplify+ lets you choose your gain setting
  • LTE signal filtering to avoid unwanted interference


  • There is no dedicated smartphone app to help you find HDTV towers

The Channel Master TV antenna amplifier is a great way to increase signal strength and has some amazing specs.

You can adjust the gain settings to make it low or high. A separate FM trap is also available to minimize interference from other FM TV antennas.

The heavy-duty construction of this Channel Master TV antenna amplifier is also very impressive.

The device is protected from the elements by a weatherproofing port and die-cast metal housing.

This TV antenna amplifier is a great combination of weatherproofing and gain performance, suitable for indoors and outdoors.

For better reception, combine it with the best bunny ear antenna.

#8 GE Indoor TV Antenna Amplifier

Our #8 Pick: The GE Indoor TV Antenna Amplifier

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WHY WE LIKE It: This TV antenna amplifier boosts your passive TV antenna signal with PureAmp technology.

It is a great choice for consumers who are looking for a low-cost option that won’t break the bank.


  • Lightweight and slim profile
  • For vivid pictures, full 1080p HD compatibility
  • It is very easy to install


  • You may experience strange fits with coaxial cables

This TV antenna amplifier optimizes UHF and VHF reception using PureAmp technology.

It does a great job filtering out interference and improving overall signal quality.

This unit is easy to install.

It only requires a direct connection with your HDTV and antenna, before connecting the AC power supply.

Then, it will perform a channel scan to find content from nearby broadcast towers.

#9 Skywalker Signature Series TV Antenna Amplifier


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WHY WE LIKE It: This TV antenna amplifier has two mounting holes on each side and variable gain control up to 25 dB.

It is a great choice for those who wish to adjust their reception settings.


  • Power indicator light for easy reference
  • Variable gain settings for fine-tuning
  • Excellent TV signal coverage (47-1000MHz)


  • Bulkier than the average amp size (5.5×3.25×1.5 inches).

The greatest strength of this TV antenna amplifier is its variable gain setting.

It can adjust the VHF/UHF/FM bands by as much as 25 dB. Variable gain fine-tuning lets users adjust the signal-to-noise ratio.

We love the sturdy metal housing that matches indoor HDTV antennas.

It has built-in mounting screws that allow it to be mounted horizontally or vertically.

It is a great indicator light to help users see that it is functioning.

How we decided

We looked at performance, ease of use, and durability when deciding which TV antenna amplifier we should buy.

The best TV antenna amplifiers should produce a minimum gain per port of 7.5, and a maximum gain of +15 dB for the entire amplifier.

This will result in a greater signal range, particularly for 360deg omnidirectional antennas.

They should also produce low noise levels (=1dB).

The sensitivity levels will drop if the noise is too high.

Antenna amplifiers for TVs must be able to amplify both VHF and UHF simultaneously.

It is an advantage to be able to simultaneously serve TVs.

It is important to make it easy to install.

Simple setups with push-in coaxial connections are preferred over those that use screws.

This allows for a quicker installation. To provide adequate coverage, coaxial cables should not be shorter than 10 feet.

Be sure to look for durable TV antenna amplifiers that are compatible with indoor-outdoor antennas.

Weatherproofing with UV and weatherproofing to resist rust and abrasion are two of our favorite features.

Buyer’s Guide to the Best TV Antenna Amplifiers

These are the Most Important Features To Consider

  1. Amplification (dB)The best TV antenna amplifiers should have a minimum gain per port of 7.5, and a maximum gain of +15 dB for an amplifier.
    This is the threshold at which signal quality improvements can be noticed. A lower level of noise (=1dB), will also translate to higher sensitivity levels which are critical for achieving the best signal.
  2. Easy InstallationTelevision antenna amplifiers are much easier to install than TV antennas. We prefer push-in coaxial connections to those made with screws, which can cause damage to the pin.
  3. DurabilityCoaxial cables and amplifiers should be thick and robust to withstand cuts and scuffs.
    The moisture providing feature prevents cables from losing their effectiveness over time.
    The copper-ended coaxial cables with copper ends are an advantage because they can withstand voltage burnout.

TV Antenna Amplifiers FAQs

Are antenna amplifiers actually effective?

Yes, TV antenna amplifiers are excellent at extending range. They reverse the effects of cable resistance and splitting signals. A TV antenna amplifier with a minimum gain per port of 7.5, and a maximum gain of 15 dB will make a big difference.

An antenna amplifier should be placed where it is most convenient.

For best results, place your antenna amplifier as close as you can to your antenna. It doesn’t matter if the antenna is indoors or outdoors.

Are TV antenna amplifiers bad?

Antenna amplifiers are not designed to fail by themselves. Failing is usually caused by a faulty or corroded connection to the cable, or other similar problems.

What is the ideal height for a TV antenna?

For the best range, antennas should be placed at least 30 feet above the ground. This allows for a clear line between the antennas and the nearby broadcast towers.

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