Channel Master Outdoor TV Antenna Review

It is almost mandatory that an antenna has long-range capabilities to be the Best Television Antenna.

In an effort to be the Best Outdoor TV Antenna, the Channel Master Outdoor TV Antenna has an 80-mile reception range.

The 180-degree reception range is great, but how does it transmit? Let’s see!

Channel Master Outdoor TV Antenna Review:

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Why We Love It – Channel Master Outdoor TV Antenna

The Channel Master Outdoor TV Antenna captures high VHF UHF signals quickly thanks to its 80-mile reception range, 180-degree reception span, and pre-assembled hardware.


  • The reception range of 80 miles
  • Reception span 180 degrees
  • Preassembled with mounting hardware


  • Coaxial cable and mast available separately
  • Prices high


The Channel Master Multi Directional Outdoor TV Antenna is quite expensive, but its performance is constantly changing.

Some users have reported excellent to perfect high-definition reception while others report less.

Although it will give you a stronger signal than an indoor antenna, you need to be aware of what is around you.

Installation is easy

You’ll see that the Channel Master Outdoor Antenna has been pre-assembled when you open it.

Although this will cut down on installation time, you still have to mount the antenna.

The coax cable as well as the mast are sold separately. This is similar to the Antennas Direct Clearstream.


You won’t find an antenna that is extremely tough if you are looking for one.

The Channel Master Outdoor TV Antenna remains tough, it’s made of metal.

It should stay attached to your home if it is mounted correctly.


The Channel Master antenna comes in a variety of ranges, but this model has a long range and can reach high-quality HD channels up to 80 miles away.

You can also opt for the shorter range model of 40 miles or the RCA Yagi Outdoor TV Antenna.


Because TV antennas can be contradictory, sometimes they’re great and other times they’re not, spending $149 on the Channel Master Outdoor Television Antenna seems like a poor decision.

The Tree New Bee Antenna is able to reach twice as far and costs half the amount.

You’ll also need a mast, a coax cable, and a channel master.

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Channel Master Outdoor TV Antenna Wrap Up

The Channel Master Outdoor Television Antenna doesn’t have any faults–far from it! But it’s not worth the price. It has a great reception range of 80 miles, with a 180-degree reception span.

However, it leaves much to be desired in terms of deception. The mast and coaxial cables are also expensive.

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